Non-native Carnivorous Plants at Albion Bog

Sarracenia leucophylla pitchers at Albion Bog

Photos of a few of the non-native plants growing at Albion Bog before their removal by the Nature Conservancy (the owners of the bog).

Carnivorous Plants at Phu Phan National Park, Thailand

Drosera indica plants in situ at Phu Phan National Park, Thailand
Photographs of Drosera and Utricularia species growing at Phu Phan National Park in Sakonnakhon Province, north-east Thailand.

Utricularia ramosissima at Pha Taem

Utricularia ramosissima inflorescence
A few photos of Utricularia ramosissima, a new Utricularia species from north-east Thailand.

Albion Bog

Drosera peltata var. foliosa growing at Albion Bog

A walk through the notorious Mendocino wetlands.

Darlingtonia at $8 Mountain

Darligntonia californica at $8 Mountain in Josephine Co, Oregon

The Darlingtonia californica fens around $8 Mountain in Josephine County are probably the most attractive, best preserved Darlingtonia sites in Oregon. Here are a few photos from one of my favorite locations.