Drosera and Utricularia in the Blue Mountains

Drosera binata var dichotoma colony growing on the side of a large boulder

Australia has long been something of an aspirational destination for me; the countryside, people, and, most of all, plants have all been a great source of fascination. Mostly the plants though.

On a two week trip to the country last fall, I was left with a bit over two days at the end for botanizing. One of those days was spent in the Blue Mountains around Blackheath. Robert Gibson was kind enough to describe a well-known spot for carnivorous plants along the trail between Govetts Leap (pictured above) and Horseshoe Falls.

Drosera oblanceolata in Hong Kong

Clump of Drosera oblanceolata plants

Drosera oblanceolata was described from material collected in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, not Hong Kong, but is known primarily from a location at Sunset Peak. I have visited Lantau Island a number of times hoping to see real D. oblanceolata but only found it recently. With its erect posture and thin lamina, the species looks more interesting that D. spatulata; it may also help clarify the origin of some of the other local sundews.

Darlingtonia at $8 Mountain in October

Darlingtonia californica pitchers

These images are from a large Darlingtonia californica site I have visited many times at $8 Mountain in southern Oregon. Here are other images from the same location, and here are yet more. These pictures are from an October visit; I find it interesting to compare the state of the Darlingtonia and habitat with that of other seasons.

Macau Carnivorous Plants

Nepenthes mirabilis pitchers grow amongst ferns in Macau, China

Known primarily for casinos, egg tarts, and its proximity to Hong Kong, Macau is also home to a small selection of carnivorous plants. Drosera spatulata, Nepenthes mirabilis, Utricularia bifida, and U. caerulea may not be the sort of exotic rarities apt to excite the botanical cognoscenti; nonetheless, observing them growing together on a rugged maritime hillside is not an everyday occasion for most plant nerds.

Eight Dollar Mountain Darlingtonia californica Wetland in February

Darlingtonia californica plants grow along a seep at 8 Dollar Mountain in Josephine County, Oregon

Images of Darlingtonia californica fens and seeps around 8 Dollar Mountain in southern Oregon.