Darlingtonia at $8 Mountain

Darligntonia californica plants at $8 Mountain in Josephine Co, Oregon

The Darlingtonia californica fens around $8 Mountain in Josephine County are probably the most attractive, best preserved Darlingtonia sites in Oregon. Here are a few photos from one of my favorite locations. Aerial view of Darligntonia californica fenDarligntonia californica photographed through a screen of leaves

Darligntonia californica pitcher rear closeup

Darligntonia californica plants amidst falling rain

Drainage point at a Darligntonia fen.

Small Darligntonia californica plant growing in the water

Long shot of a Darligntonia fen.

Darligntonia californica plant basal detail

More photos of the Darlingtonia californica at $8 Mountain at photos.forbesconrad.com/darlingtonia-californica-8-dollar-mountain-josephine-county-cobra-lily

Written on February 23, 2010